To: Digital Information Technology Parents

As we head into the seventh week of school, I am noticing a trend that is occurring with specific students.  This week I will be conferencing with them individually to come up with an action plan that will help them become more productive in my class which will...
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Sept. 24 – 28 | Week 7 – ALL CLASSES

Week 7 is here and look out here comes October.  As this school year seems to be zooming by, so is the amount of content we are covering this week.  To keep a hold on your grades, please be diligent and do not procrastinate!  As always, please read below and make sure...
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Thursday & Friday 9/20 – 9/21: ALL CLASSES

Unfortunately my two year old daughter has fallen ill and I will be at home taking care of her as she recovers.  You are to be at your best behavior and I will expect a good report from the substitute teacher.  Please read below and double check your responsibilities...
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Your level of SUCCESS is predetermined
by your level of EFFORT

DIT – TestOut Grading

I wanted to make sure it was clear what we discussed in class on multiple occasions.  TestOut grades come from the four labs that you will do in each chapter/section.  Every chapter contains four labs.  Each lab is worth 100 points.  Thus, Every chapter is worth 400...

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FSPA Student Representative Opportunity

2018-19 STUDENT REPS If you have a current Junior interested in running for district rep at the fall workshop, they must complete the application no later than Friday, Sept. 21. Please see our website for details - the application is now...

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