Flu Vaccinations

Beginning October 2nd, CareHere nurses will begin visiting campuses to provide flu vaccines to Pasco County Schools employees. No appointment necessary. This program is available at no cost to all insured and non-insured employees.

Event Forms: Flu Consent Form (English); Flu Consent Form (Spanish)

If you are covered under the District’s health insurance plan, but do not wish to be vaccinated through the Health and Wellness Centers, please click here for a summary of other options.

Monday, October 2nd 
7:00am-9:00am       Lacoochee Elementary

8:00am-10:00am     Odessa Elementary

10:00am-12:00pm   South Bus Compound

12:00pm-1:30pm     Rodney B Cox Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm       Trinity Elementary
2:00pm-4:00pm       San Antonio Elementary

Tuesday, October 3rd
7:00am-9:00am       Pasco High School
7:00am-9:00am       James Mitchell High

12:00pm-1:30pm    Seven Springs Middle
12:00pm-1:30pm    Pasco Elementary

2:00om-4:00pm       Trinity Oaks Elementary
2:00pm-4:00pm       Pasco Middle

Wednesday, October 4th
7:00am-9:00am       Centennial Elementary

8:00am-10:00am     Longleaf Elementary

11:00am-1:00pm     Centennial Middle

12:00pm-1:30pm     Seven Springs Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm       Deer Park Elementary

Thursday, October 5th
7:00am-9:00am       James Irvin Education Center
7:00am-9:00am       Anclote High

10:00am-12:00pm   East Transportation

12:00pm-1:30pm     Paul Smith Middle

2:00pm-4:00pm       Gulfside Elementary

Friday, October 6th
7:00am-9:00am      East Maintenance

8:00am-10:00am    Gulf Trace Elementary

12:00pm-1:30pm    Watergrass Elementary
12:00pm-1:30pm    Sunray Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm      Anclote Elementary

3:00pm-5:00pm       District Office, Building 4

Monday, October 9th
7:00-am-9:00am     Wesley Chapel High

8:00am-10:00am    Mittye Locke Elementary

12:00pm-1:30pm    Weightman Middle
12:00pm-1:30pm    Tech Services West

2:00pm-4:00pm      Wesley Chapel Elementary
2:00pm-4:00pm      James M Marlowe Elementary

Tuesday, October 10th
7:00am-9:00am       Cypress Creek Middle
7:00am-9:00am       Gulf High

12:00pm-1:30pm     Quail Hollow Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm       Veterans Elementary
2:00pm-4:00pm       H. Schwettman Education Center

Wednesday, October 11th
7:00am-9:00am       Zephyrhills High

8:00am-10:00am     Cotee River Elementary

10:00am-12:00pm   Operations Transportation

12:00pm-1:30pm     Woodland Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm       Raymond B Stewart Elementary
2:00pm-4:00pm       Richey Elementary

Thursday, October 12th
7:00am-9:00am       West Zephyrhills Elementary
7:00am-9:00am       Ridgewood High

10:00am-12:00pm   Southeast Transportation
10:00am-12:00am   Marchman Technical

2:00pm-4:00pm       Calusa Elementary

1:00pm-3:00pm       Wiregrass Ranch High

Friday, October 13th
7:00am-9:00am        Chasco Elementary

8:00am- 10:00am     New River Elementary

10:00am-12:00pm    West Transportation

12:00pm-1:30pm      Chester Taylor Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm        Double Branch Elementary
2:00pm-4:00pm        Chasco Middle

Monday, October 16th
7:15am-9:15am      River Ridge High

9:15am-11:15am     River Ridge Middle

8:00am-10:00am     Wiregrass Elementary

12:00pm-1:30pm     Food and Nutrition Services (DO)

2:00pm-4:00pm       John Long Middle
2:00pm-4:00pm       Cypress Elementary

Tuesday, October 17th
8:00am-10:00am     Sand Pine Elementary

12:00pm-1:30pm     Seven Oaks Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm       Denham Oaks Elementary

Wednesday, October 18th
7:00am-9:00am      Sunlake High

8:00am-10:00am    Fox Hollow Elementary

12:00pm-1:30pm    Lake Myrtle Elementary
12:00pm-1:30pm    Bayonet Point Middle

2:00pm-4:00pm      Charles Rushe Middle
2:00pm-4:00pm       Schrader Elementary

Thursday, October 19th 
7:00am-9:00am      Fivay High

12:00pm-1:30pm    Gulf Highlands Elementary
12:00pm-1:30pm    Oakstead Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm       Achieve Center at Richey
2:00pm-4:00pm       Bexley Elementary

Friday, October 20th
7:00am-9:00am      Maintenance & Construction

8:00am-10:00am     Pineview Elementary

10:00am-12:00pm   Central Transportation

12:00pm-1:30pm     Moon Lake Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm       Pineview Middle

Monday, October 23rd
7:00am-9:00am      Hudson High
7:00am-9:00am      Land O Lakes High

12:00pm-1:30pm    Hudson Middle
12:00pm-1:30pm    Connerton Elementary

2:00pm-4:00pm      Northwest Elementary

2:30pm-4:00pm      Sanders Elementary

Tuesday, October 24th
8:00am-10:00am       Hudson Elementary

10:00am-12:00pm     Achieve Center Pasco

12:00pm-1:30pm       Crews Lake Middle

2:00pm-4:00pm         Pasco eSchool

Wednesday, October 25th
7:00am-10:00am     District Office, Building 4

7:00am-9:00am     Shady Hills Elementary

10:00am-12:00pm   Northwest Transportation

2:00pm-4:00pm       Mary Giella Elementary

Flu Shots in the HWCs

Beginning November 1st, the CareHere Health and Wellness Centers will be offering flu vaccines. No appointment necessary. This program is available at no cost to all insured and non-insured employees, as well as spouses, retirees, and dependents 10 years and older who are covered under the District’s health plan.

Please note, you may be required to wait 15 minutes before leaving the Center after being vaccinated. Click here to learn why.

Why The Wait?

After receiving a vaccination, many providers require their patients to wait 15 minutes before they leave due to the potential for syncope (fainting) and/or an allergic reaction to the vaccine. In order to prevent fainting, the following precautions will be taken:

  1. While being vaccinated, the individual receiving the vaccine will remain seated
  2. Those vaccinated will be constantly observed for symptoms of weakness, dizziness, pallor, and other signs occurring prior to fainting immediately after receiving a flu shot
  3. In the event symptoms do occur, appropriate measures will be taken to prevent injuries

There have been an increased number of fainting reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Report System (VAERS) since 2005. Serious injuries have occurred due to syncope, including one fatality caused by trauma to the head. Of those who experienced syncope, and for whom vaccination and fainting times were reported, 80% had their experience within 15 minutes of vaccination. Allergic reactions are also thought to manifest within a short time after receiving a vaccination. Therefore, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CareHere is requesting that all individuals receiving the flu vaccine in the onsite Health and Wellness Centers wait 15 minutes after vaccination for observation.