Peace Camp

The Pasco Environmental Adventure Camp Experience (PEACE) program gives rising 5th graders from our Title 1 elementary schools, the opportunity to study the environment through a variety of engaging, hands-on activities while being immersed in different environments.  Student learning will be connected as they study and compare different environments including the Energy and Marine Center (EMC), Crossbar Environmental Education Center, the Museum of Archaeology, Paleontology & Science, and Zoo Tampa. Transportation to each of these locations, morning snack, and lunch are provided by the school district.

Students study the diversity of the species, human impact, and how we can protect and sustain our natural resources. On the days the students are scheduled to attend the Energy and Marine Center (EMC), they participate in several water-based activities including fish adaptation, renewable energy and kayaking. In addition, they learn how humans impact these sensitive estuarine habitats. When students are scheduled to attend CrossBar Environmental Education Center, they learn about animal skull adaptations, animal tracks, and native plants and take a trip on our Safari Bus. The Museum offers students the opportunity to practice science with a dinosaur dig and learning about rocks and minerals.  The PEACE camp is only offered over the summer to students attending one of the Title 1 schools in Pasco County and who have been selected by the school.

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