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Planning High School Field Experiences

Elementary & Middle School Programs are on a prearranged schedule. To plan a high school field experience at one of our environmental education centers follow these 6 simple steps.

Scheduling a trip

  1. Contact Us! – Contact Josh McCart to determine what dates and locations are available.
  2. School Approval! Make sure you submit an Activity Request form to your administration.
  3. Schedule your visit– Choose dates and activities, determine pick up and drop off time and provide other useful information so we can ensure a successful experience.
  4. Permission Slips! – Have your students get permission from their parents by filling out permission slip. (*Note: if you travel in any vehicle other than a school bus, you will need a different form)
  5. Pre/post test Have your students take a pretest prior to their visit. This data is extremely important to those who fund our program.
  6. Use the following helpful forms below to give to your students and parents.

Download HS visit packet to share with parents and students.

HS visit packet

Teachers: Please access additional resources on this canvas page