This week our focus is on identifying the theme in literature.  

We have learned that theme is more than one word it is a phrase about a life lesson.

In order to help us identify theme we ask the following questions…

We are using our inferencing skills to identify the life lesson the author is trying to relay.

RACE Model

When answering text dependent questions, students should use the RACE strategy:  restate, answer, cite and elaborate/explain/edit.  Here is a model answer.  Notice the detail, evidence starter and correct use of quotations.  

Quoting Accurately using the RACE Strategy

Our learning goal for this week is quoting accurately from a text to answer text dependent questions.  The students received several resources to help with this skill.  There resources are located in their reading spiral.  

When citing text evidence we will use evidence starters…

Here are some examples of how to use evidence starters…

All of these resources will help us to answer text dependent questions using the RACE strategy.