The students did a great job selecting a topic that was very meaning full to them.  After picking their stand they had to  research and write a persuasive Ted talk to inspire others. Some students also went a step farther and created a powerpoint relating to their topic.  It was wonderful to hear all of the inspirational Ted talks.

Our class winners selected to participate in the school competition were Eden and Tatiannah.  Way to go girls!  Your Ted talks were incredible.  I am so proud of both of you.



We have been learning about the different elements of poetry.  We have been analyzing poems and identifying these elements….

sound devices, structure, figurative language, types of poems…etc.

Visual and Multimedia Elements

We have learned about the different kinds of visual and multimedia elements.  We also have been focusing on how these elements affect the mood, tone and beauty of a text.   Through the use of several movie trailers we have been able to identify these multimedia elements.

We also have learned the difference between static an dynamic elements.

Plot Structure

We have been focusing on the structure of a story and how the chapters fit together to create that structure.  As we read George’s Secret Key to the Universe we are identifying  the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.

Text Structures

We are learning about the different types of text structures.  We are practicing identifying these structures through our reading.  We will also be practicing writing in each of the various structures.  

Relationships between characters, setting and events

We are focusing on exploring the relationships and interactions between characters, setting and events in a historical text.  We are reading Escape to Freedom.  Through this text we are learning about the Underground Railroad and the struggles of the slaves as they try to escape and flee North.  This story is told from the perspective of the narrator, Callie, Martha and William.

Author’s Perspective

Using our text Heart and Soul we have been learning about the author’s perspective.  We have identified the author’s perspective in the text and also through the use of visuals.  We have found text evidence to support our thoughts of the author’s perspective.

Mood and Tone

We have been focusing on the difference between mood and tone.  We have also been practicing identifying the mood and also the tone in a text.  

Words used to describe mood…

Words used to describe tone…