Monday 3-5-18 Writing FSA

Monday morning is 4-5th grade FSA writing.  We have been preparing for this test in class. The children did one last practice writing piece today.  I also sent home 2-3 of your child’s graded writing pieces. Take some time to go over them with your child. Talk with them about ways to improve based on the grades and comments. I feel the students are ready. Help them feel rested and have a positive attitude! Thanks!  Have a great weekend.

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a restful break. We are back in the swing of things and have had a great start to the 3rd quarter!

Tuesday, Science Fair information came home.  It contains dates, explanations and who to contact for questions. It is optional, but consider working with your child to complete a project!!!

Awesome GATI Day

We had six awesome Great American Teach In presentations.  A special thanks to the following people who shared their professions with us!  We learn a lot!


Mrs. Beebe from Sugar Darling Cupcakes

Mrs. Maduro a Physical Therapist

Mr. Saxton from Publix

Mrs. Rizzo From Florida Blue

Mrs. Dayock from TD Bank

Mr. Axel from Halo Autosports

What an awesome variety of professions!!!

Test Monday 11-6-17 on Water Cycle and Weather Tools

On Monday, 11-6,  there is a test on the above! All the information is in their Science and Vocabulary notebooks (Science words from the 10-26-17 Test) . I have encouraged them to study a bit every night this week. Hopefully, they have done that.  I had them write the test in their planners earlier this week. The students will NOT be able to look in their notebooks for the information, therefore, they need to be able to recall the information.  There will be all types of questions (multiple choice, T-F, fill in the blank, and short answers). Thanks for assisting them in studying as this is the first test on content information without using the notebooks.