This week in Humanities, we will begin Unit 5, “Pioneering New Ideas and New Worlds”. We launched this unit Monday morning. Ask your child about the “Make a Difference” court case and their job as a juror. Also, ask about the pioneer who time traveled to the courtroom! We will kick off this unit with the text “Seed by Seed”. We will learn more about main topic and author’s purpose as we explore this biography.

In Math, we will continue our work in Module 6 “Foundations of Multiplication and Division”. We will use both tape diagrams and arrays to represent equal groups, and relate those equal groups to repeated addition. The students are enjoying this introduction to multiplication!

Last week, students loved presenting their live news report of the storm they researched during our weather disaster task. They also enjoyed their task celebration where they created snowy blizzards scenes from shaving cream, made and enjoyed s’mores using the energy from the sun, and built structures to see if they could withstand an “earthquake”. On Monday, we launched our next task with the “Make a Difference” courtroom. Students will need to determine which of Johnny Appleseed’s life lessons is most important in today’s world. They will then write an opinion piece supporting their belief. Look for a task letter to come home this week.

Have a wonderful week!