Lowry Park Zoo

We will have our second field trip this year on Friday, February 23rd. We are going to Lowry Park Zoo. Please be sure to check the weather and dress your child appropriately and apply sunscreen at home. We recommend children wear their ODES shirts and tennis shoes. Please do not send in money with your child, as we will not be visiting the gift shop. If you indicated that your child is bringing a lunch, it needs to be completely disposable.

Thank you!

Boosterthon is Back!

Boosterthon is our annual school fundraiser that incorporates character development and raises money so that we can continue to purchase technology for our school. The past few years, we have used the earnings from Boosterthon to purchase iPads, laptops, charging stations, and academic online programs all for the hands of the students at ODES. We will start off the fundraiser on Tuesday, October 3rd with a student pep rally, and have a daily 10-minute huddle (meeting) with our Boosterthon crew from Wednesday, October 4th through Wednesday, October 11th. The Boosterthon Fun Run will be on Thursday, October 12th, in which parents will be invited to come watch and cheer on their child as he/she runs laps. Specific times for each grade level fun run will be determined and sent out to parents. Keep an eye out and check your child’s binder for more information.

* Due to Boosterthon, the Media Center will be closed for checkout October 2nd through October 17th.

Sunshine State Junior Reader Books!

We’re excited for the 2017-18 Sunshine State Junior Reader Book Kickoff!

Parents, we need your help! Have your child read the book with you. After reading the book, sign off and date on the sheet below next to the title.

Once your child has read all the books, they will be able to attend Primary Sunshine State Extravaganza! The signed sheet must be turned in by the end of the school year for your child to attend.

List of Sunshine State Junior Reader Books:

We’re Back!

We hope everyone had a safe week off of school, and hopefully no one had too much damage from hurricane Irma. Our website has been updated along with the Word of the Week. Please remind your children of the ODES and classroom rules and procedures as we are getting back into the routines of the school day! Please check out the ODES Website and Facebook page for any updates and revised dates for school activities.

What a Great First Week!

We had a great first week of the 2017-2018 school year filled with learning about each other, rules and expectations, and building routines. Please remember to check your child’s planner daily and initial it, pack him/her a healthy snack every day, and have your child read for 30 minutes and record on your child’s Reading Log each night!

Please check out the “This Week We Are Learning…” page each week for more specific information for each weeks’ learning goals!

Important News:  Every weekend, somewhere on our 1st Grade Team Website, a Word of the Week  or “Problem of the Week” will be displayed. Once you find the Word/Problem of the Week, have your child write it in his/her planner so that your child’s teacher can see it. Once your child’s teacher sees the Word/Problem of the Week written in the planner, your child will receive a 1st Grade Wildcat Ticket! Tickets will be drawn at the end of the week for a special prize!
*Wildcat Tickets will be drawn on the last day of the school week. In order for your child to receive the ticket, your child’s teacher must see the word written in the planner by Thursday.

The word/problem of the week will be displayed on the website like this:

Word of the Week: _________


Problem of the Week: _________


We look forward to a great second week of school!

Welcome to First Grade!

We are all very excited to start the 2017-2018 school year. Each week this site will be updated with information about the first grade team. Feel free to check out the pages above. Please check back each week so you can stay involved in your child’s education!