I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. In an effort to go green, I will not be mailing home a letter this summer about band camp. For those who auditioned and made advanced band (concert and symphonic), the link below will have more information about band camp. Please remember that the camp is FREE!


For those who are enrolled in beginning and intermediate band, we are changing our method book for the coming year. For beginning band students, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AN INSTRUMENT OR BOOK UNTIL MR. HOLLENBECK HAS GONE THROUGH THE INSTRUMENT SELECTION PROCESS. The process will take place at the beginning of the school year.

INTERMEDIATE BAND STUDENTS: Please purchase “Measures of Success: Book Two” for your specific instrument. Since we just made this switch, it is likely that local stores may not have the book in stock. It can be purchased at the following websites: (search for “Measures of Success: Book 2” for your instrument) (search for “Measures of Success: Book 2” for your instrument) (search for “Measures of Success: Book 2” for your instrument)

In unrelated news, there is a chance I may be suddenly unable to be reached in late July/early August. Mrs. Hollenbeck is 8 months pregnant and could go into labor very soon. I apologize in advance and I will try to keep everyone updated. Thank you for all that you do and please remember to enjoy your summer!